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The C++ Standard Library can be categorized into two parts:

The Standard Function Library: This library consists of general-purpose,stand-alone functions that are not part of any class. The function library is inherited from C.

The Object Oriented Class Library: This is a collection of classes and associated functions.

Standard C++ Library incorporates all the Standard C libraries also, with small additions and changes to support type safety.

Standard C++ Object Oriented Library defines an extensive set of classes that provide support for a number of common activities, including I/O, strings, and numeric processing. This library includes the following:

· The Standard C++ I/O Classes

· The String Class

· The Numeric Classes

· The STL Container Classes

· The STL Algorithms

· The STL Function Objects

· The STL Iterators

· The STL Allocators

· The Localization library

· Exception Handling Classes

· Miscellaneous Support Library

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