The Team

Depending on your ideas and your project requirements, you may have the pleasure of working with some of these awesome people. I’ve hand-picked every member of my team and I stand by their work. I insist on high-quality work, and nothing goes out the door without my stamp of approval..

Blanka–WordPress Web Development

If your website project requires intricate functionality or fancy bells and whistles, Linn wants to hear about it. The more complex, the better—she is always up for a challenge. Linn devours podcasts (seriously, she listens to at least 20 different ones regularly) plus she speaks Norwegian. She’s deeply in love with the web industry and we often attend conferences and events together.

Dara – Web Design & Development

Dara is a ridiculously talented front-end developer with a spidey sense for good design. She believes in doing great work for great people, and is one of the most good-natured nerds I’ve met. Dara is generous with her knowledge, and is often blowing my mind by sharing the latest coding tricks. If you’re looking at her website, be sure to check out her desktop wallpaper designs – they’re always making my screen look good, month by month

Michelle – Shopify E-Commerce Web Design & Development

Michelle comes from the publishing and design agency worlds, where she has won awards working on large websites for brand names you’d recognize. The switch to freelancing was a lifestyle choice for Michelle, so she could devote more time to drawing, illustration and travel. Her fine art training is apparent in everything she creates, including some of the most elegant code I’ve seen. Michelle recently moved to Montreal where, in between web projects, she can be found sketching in coffee shops and making plans for her next big travel adventure.

Helen – Content Strategy & Creation

Good design is nothing without great content. Helen helps bring out the voice of your brand in an honest way. Yes, her writing will satisfy search engines and convert more sales for you but Helen’s first priority is to write for humans, not robots. If you want your website content to really connect with your ideal customer, Helen’s your gal. Up for a real challenge? Ask Helen to a game of Scrabble but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Mandy – WordPress Web Development

Mandy studied photography at OCAD University. Her classical art training is apparent in her web design with her love of clean lines and white space. Mandy’s elegant aesthetic is timeless and always in style. She is a master of organization and efficiency, and her knowledge of productivity tools is seriously impressive (she introduced me to Evernote and RescueTime).